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Metys Software is a community of individuals dedicated to open source software. Most of the participants to this community are Sourceforge developers and Eclipse EMFT commiters who also work for actual corporate companies.

Our mission is to provide software development actors with tools and solutions that will ease their use of modeling techniques.

It's obviously a challenge, but the stakes are important: the software development industry advances with proud pace on the ways of the technological richness, but takes little time to control it. We are also affected by the software development problems, and for this reason are conscious of the needs and expectations of our pairs.

The assets ? Innovation, technology excellence, and ease of use of the product. Simplicity and Innovation are complementary, and we stick to always combining them together.

Should you like to get in touch with us, we will be happy to hear from you, to share your wishes, answer your questions and get valuable feedback from you. Logo Credits | Site Map | Contact us | ©2004-2005 Metys Software